The complete army so far

This picture shows everything that's painted right now, all together for a nice group picture.
Wraith constructs are vastly over-represented as they're part of the more-than-50%-finished Wraith Wing, which is only missing two Phantom Titans, 5 Wraith Lords, 3 squads of Wraith Guard and 8 Wave Serpents - out of which only one Phantom Titan is assembled and the Wave Serpents torn apart for a rebuild with Type III mod kits.

The tanks are part of the Armored Division, which has also nicely progressed (I just love the shape of Eldar Skimmers) but is slowly falling behind.
They will be joined in the future by:

  • 1 more Cobra Type II
  • 2 more Lynxes
  • 8 Falcons (missing 1)
  • 8 Fire Prisms (missing 2)
  • 8 Night Spinners (missing 7)
  • 8 Hornets
  • 8 Vypers
  • 8 Vypers MkIII (home-made 3D-designed, 3D-printed, finished and recast Vyper that don't look like 1990)
  • and finally, 2 Ultra Heavy Tanks, Doom Prisms (home-made, 3D-designed, 3D-printed and then hand-finished with milliput / GS, probably not recast it's far too much silicon for the molds and who's going to want one anyway)

The third and last big showing here is my Air Wing, which currently comprises of one Vampire Hunter, 5 Hemlocks (I was shooting for 4 but one of them just hung around so it got painted), 7 Crimson Hunters (Again, shooting for two Crimson Death formations, so 6, but ...) and that's it.

I've never really liked the FW smaller flyers, and it's going to be a while before I have the energy to build another Vampire Hunter, that thing is very likely ForgeWorld's hardest kit out there, I could easily build 10 Revenants in the time it takes to get that plane right. The wings aren't exactly mirrors of each other, the structure is terribly bad design, and where the Thunderhawk is horrible because you need to square out every piece... well here you can't even square them because they're not square or meant to be so.

So yeah anyway, most beautiful plane in the game, and I tweaked it to make it look even better, copying some mods I saw on Chris Belleau's Riders of the Cosmic Serpent blog, and adding my own to remove all traces of the awkward copy/paste reverse Vyper cockpit - and stuff.

It's still waiting for another Vampire Hunter, and to be honest I don't know where to take this.
I would think a proper futuristic army would have at least 25% to 33% flyers, and these guys don't even make up 10% of the current stuff so I definitely need a lot more, I just don't see the org structure that makes sense yet.

One of the ideas is to build a super-super-heavy flyer / ultra heavy flyer, but ... that's a lot of work and it doesn't really solve the problem, I would at most be able to double the same org ... we'll see.

And then there's the rest... HQ, Bikes, so many things I don't know where to fit in an org chart or how to balance numbers for a realistic force... but I guess I have a lot of time to think about that until everything is painted anyway.

Thanks for following the adventures of Eldar Craftworld Belath'Angor, my dream of a beautiful well-painted true Eldar Apocalypse Army (of doom?).

And Thanks to Kanpeki Miniatures for making it happen.


  1. Amazing Force! Great to see another dedicated Blogger and a massive 40k project, your to-do list reads like my own!


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